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The Real Reason Women Want to Vacation in Jamaica Villas

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It’s a fact. Most family vacations are planned by the lady in the household. Sure, she runs the choices by her partner, but it’s mostly the woman who determines where the family will spend their annual vacation.

With all the choices available, so many women opt for staying in Jamaica villas. Why?

1. A wide range of accommodation.

From large luxurious houses, dripping with every imaginable amenity, that will put even five star hotels to shame, to comfortable cozy cottages with character and charm, yet easy on the budget, you will find them all in Jamaica. Villas with pools, hot tubs and spectacular views will appeal to those who really want a treat. And there are many villas situated right on the white sand beaches for which Jamaica is famous.

2. All kinds of sports.

And when you have had enough of the beach, there is so much to do in Jamaica. If you are sporty, you have a great selection of golf courses. Tennis, mountain bike riding and horseback riding are always readily available too. And every type of water sport is on offer. Snorkeling, scuba diving, windsurfing, sailing, bodyboarding, kayaking, parasailing, jet skiing, and more. There are also rivers where you can go tubing and kayaking. In the hills, you can go trekking and you will also find canopy zip wire rides.

3. Lots of Beauty Spots.

Blessed with natural beauty, Jamaica is the island of variety featuring many world famous visitor attractions like Dunn’s River Falls, Fern Gully, and the Blue Mountains. As Jamaica is a small island, wherever your Jamaica villas are located, the scenic coastline is not far away, and the forests in the interior are also easily accessible.

4. Privacy and freedom.

Of course, Jamaica villas allow you to do what you want when you want, giving you the kind of freedom and privacy that you cannot get in a hotel or resort vacation. And don’t forget value – you get a whole house, not just a room.

But what’s the real reason that women choose Jamaica villas?

These are many good reasons why women want to vacation in Jamaica villas, but they are not the real reason. The real reason is that Jamaica villas come with staff. Great staff! Depending on the size of the accommodation and how many people are being catered for, Jamaica villas will provide at least one cook who will do your grocery shopping and prepare all your meals. Staff will include housekeeping services so the rooms are made every day and the whole house is kept clean and tidy. There is usually a gardener/houseman too. Some even provide a butler!

That’s the real reason. If there were no staff, who would be planning and preparing meals, serving them up, and then dealing with a messy kitchen after? Who would be making the beds and cleaning the bathrooms? With staff, the lady of the house gets to have a vacation too, as there is staff to do all the hard work.

And imagine returning home and not having to face doing a week’s accumulation of family laundry. The staff in Jamaica villas will do your laundry, iron and fold everything which you can pack neatly into your suitcase.

The lady of the family returns home from her vacation in Jamaica villas, not only having had fun and well-rested, but also not having to catch up on housework. The provision of staff to cook, clean and pamper is the real reason women want to vacation in Jamaica villas.

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