Steer Town Academy students injured in bus crash


Steer Town Academy students injured in bus crash

by Donique Weston

Several students of the Steer Town Academy in St. Ann were injured in a bus crash while en route to school this morning (December 6).


Twenty-five students were being transported in the bus when the accident occurred along the Steer Town main road.


According to Deputy Superintendent of Police, Rudolph Taylor, at about 7:30 AM, a Toyota Hiace bus collided into a column.



DSP Taylor says the bus exceeded the capacity of 15 passengers.



Just last month 16 students were injured when the mini bus in which they were traveling plunged over a precipice in Long Bay, Portland.


The police said the bus was overcrowded and students were sitting in each other’s laps.

News Credit: IrieFM | Read here

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