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Reid Presses Ombudsman for PNP to Retract Vote Buying Accusations


Education Minister, Senator Ruel Reid has asked political ombudsman, Donna Parchment Brown to order the Opposition PNP to withdraw a media release it had issued which accused him of having plans to engage in the partisan distribution of public resources.

In its media release a few weeks ago, the PNP alleged that Minister Reid committed in excess of $41-million to upgrade nine schools in the North West St Ann constituency.

Reid is to face the PNP’s Dr. Dayton Campbell in North West St. Ann in the next General Elections.

In a letter dated July 11 this year, Mrs. Parchment Brown told Senator Reid that her office is concerned that his monetary commitment may be a breach of the political code of conduct. But the Education Minister is pushing back.

In a letter of his own, he told the political ombudsman that the sum committed is part of a national programme of work to give support to and upgrade public schools.

In fact, Minister Reid says the amount committed to upgrading schools in North West St. Ann is expected to be less than what has been committed to some constituencies were the MPs are members of the PNP.

Minister Reid spoke to our news center about what he says are critical sections of the letter he sent to the political ombudsman.

In his letter, Senator Reid asked the Ombudsman to note that Dr. Campbell has been using public facilities in his push to be sent back to Gordon House.

Senator Reid says a claim that he made a specific financial pledge to several schools he visited is not true.


News Credit: Nation Wide Radio | Read here http://nationwideradiojm.com/reid-presses-ombudsman-for-pnp-to-retract-vote-buying-accusations/

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