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Police High Command revamping divisions and branches


Police High Command revamping divisions and branches

by Myesha Broadie

National Security Minister, Dr. Horace Chang, has indicated, that the Police High Command is in the process of revamping some divisions and branches, in order to better utilize human resources.

The branches being looked at, include the Close Protection Services, which has police officers assigned as guards to ministers, former ministers, among other persons in high risk positions.

Concern has been raised, that government has proposed, to withdraw or minimize the security detail, of former ministers.

Dr. Chang explained, that over 600 cops are assigned as close protection detail, to public officials.

He said, in many cases, this is a waste of trained police human resources, because some of the public officials, only need drivers, not body guards.

Dr. Chang said, some police divisions could do better crime fighting, with greater deployment.

The minister said, currently, Close Protection Officers are deployed based on requests, and risk assessments.

He said he is not involved in that process.

Dr. Chang added, that he will only take a policy decision on the issue, whenever the Police High Command submits a report, to the ministry.

He said the high command is looking at the entire deployment issue, across all divisions in the force.

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