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PNPYO President Wants Corrupt Politicians Prosecuted


People’s National Party Youth Organization President Krystal Tomlinson is calling for prosecutorial action against politicians on both sides, who’re considered corrupt.

She was reacting to a Nationwide News Bluedot poll which found that 64-percent of respondents believe the Andrew Holness administration is corrupt.

But 42-percent said they had no confidence in neither Holness nor Phillips to manage corruption.

And 37-percent said they had confidence in the Prime Minister to do so, as against 21-percent who said the Opposition Leader.

Her party has faced criticism that it has no moral authority to address corruption.

And there’ve been calls for the party to apologize for corruption allegations to which it’s members are linked.

But Ms. Tomlinson says an apology would not suffice.

She says ridding the nation of corruption is an urgent need.

Krystal Tomlinson, People’s National Party Youth Organisation President, speaking this afternoon with Nationwide News.

News Credit: Nation Wide Radio | Read here http://nationwideradiojm.com/pnpyo-president-wants-corrupt-politicians-prosecuted/

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