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Jamaica Beach Vacations – Top Destinations For Your Jamaica Vacation

ca. 1998, Cancun, Mexico --- Lounge Chairs on Beach at Club Med --- Image by © Macduff Everton/CORBIS

If you love ocean breezes and spectacular views of the sparkling ocean and the shores, then Jamaica beach vacations should be at the top of your travel list. Having fun is what it is all about. You can relax and enjoy your wonderful vacation. Jamaica is famous for its all inclusive resorts that are ideal for a family, a romantic couple, or even for a single person too.

You can stay in the best hotels for a cost that you can afford. The all inclusive packages include meals, drinks, hotel, swimming, and nightclubs. The most popular beaches are Montego Bay and Negril, Jamaica they are beautiful, tropical, and sunny white sandy beaches. Both are set up for the tourist crowds, and they have plenty of food, many activities, and of course other tourists. There are a variety and abundance of hotels to be found along both beaches, so if you want an ocean view these are the places to look into first.

Jamaica Beach Vacations – Favorite Beaches

While you are on your Jamaican vacation, you need to check out the famous James Bond Beach, where the Golden Eye Hotel is located. This hotel was where the writer Ian Fleming lived when he wrote many James Bond Novels. You can go and enjoy the sand and surf at this famous spot even if you are not a hotel guest, there is a small 3 dollar fee. This is also the Ocean on which Dr. No was filmed.

While in Jamaica you have to go to Dunn’s River Beach; it is under the famous Dunn’s River Waterfalls that is where the Dunn’s River meets the Caribbean Sea. It is an astonishing place of tropical beauty. Activities there include climbing the falls, swimming in the famous whirlpools, or just sitting back and take in the tropical scenery of the white sandy beach, which is close to the waterfall.

Jamaica is the third largest Caribbean island, positioned just south of Cuba. Jamaican hospitality is known throughout the world as being friendly. The music is fun with a great tropical beat that is fun to dance to. Turtle Beach, Jamaica is a great place to swim with the sea turtles and there are other fun water activities and attractions.

Jamaica is known for its laid back aura, warm sunshine and, of course, its white sandy beaches. It is a natural paradise and for those of you that need a magical get away, this is even better then the magical kingdom. This is a family vacation spot that you will not soon forget.

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