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Grim Testimony from Forensic Pathologist at ‘Death Squad’ Trial


The Supreme Court in Kingston heard evidence from a forensic pathologist in the murder trial of three members of the Constabulary which suggested the victim may have been shot while he was on the floor.

Detective Corporal Kevin Adams, District Constable Carl Bucknor and Constable Howard Brown, are on trial for the murder of Andrew Bissoon.

The pathologist testified that based on his post-mortem examinations it’s likely Mr Bissoon died instantly from extensive internal damage caused by four gunshot wounds.

The pathologist said the wounds were to the chest, abdomen and head.

In giving his expert opinion on the sequence of Mr. Bissoon’s fatal injuries, the forensic pathologist said the first shot was fired to Bissoon’s chest while the victim was standing face to face with the defendants. He says the second shot was fired to the victim’s left ear while the victim was in a crouching position.

The doctor says in his opinion, the last two shots fired at the victim are consistent with the victim being against the floor or ‘a hard surface’.

The forensic pathologist says in his examination he found extensive damage to the diaphragm, lungs, heart, stomach and liver of the victim.

Earlier in the day, it was revealed that ballistics evidence couldn’t link any of the bullets found in the victim’s body to the guns used by the policemen in the shooting.

Detective Corporal Adams and Constable Brown were found to have used their service weapons on the day of the shooting.

While District Constable Bucknor was found to have used a private firearm in the shooting.

Two spent shells were found on the scene that were linked to both Detective Corporal Adams and Constable Brown.

The trial will resume in the Supreme Court tomorrow morning at 10.


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