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Devin Di Dakta Criticized For Dressing Like a Woman


Grammy-nominated dancehall recording artist Devin Di Dakta recently came under fire by Instagram users after he posted several pictures of himself wearing a wig and a nightgown.

The entertainer who has been getting many praises for his recent single “When I’m Gone”, has now become public enemy number one for his recent social media post, which most people have been calling a publicity stunt to get attention for what they believe to be an upcoming project.

The Instagram post showing the entertainer crossdressing was accompanied by the caption “Ain’t nothing wrong with transformation. Be CONFIDENT and do YOU!!!. Always wanted to Share this side of me. Friday you’ll see.¬†#OpenYourMind¬†#CreateDontHate¬†#DevinDiDakta”.

Most of the entertainer’s core fanbase was not as receptive to the artiste’s attempts of being creative without boundaries. One user commented; You a bad bloodclawte artist, stop clown out yuhself and stay militant yute!. This suggested that the entertainer was using controversy to stay relevant instead of using his musical talents to sway his fans.

Devin Di Dakta Criticized For Dressing Like a Woman

Devin’s sexuality was also questioned by users in his comment section, who debated whether or not a straight dancehall artist would feel compelled to wear a wig and a nightgown so openly. One user commented No batty boy, no fish pan di boat, or a pure gunshot we a bring pan the boat. While another commented Devin the doctor! Fish.


If people make this bus swear MI done wid the Internet really bro gad ????.

So a dis dancehall gone to? Fi get a hit yuh haffi a drop u standard?? Instead a do dis, find back some creative lyrics and a good producer weh nah do the hip hop/computerized crap.

Devin Di Dakta Criticized For Dressing Like a Woman

Devin’s latest music video for the single When I’m gone, which shows the entertainer dressed as a homeless-mentally ill man, has gathered over 167,000 views on YouTube since its release on September 13, 2019.

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