Dennis Rodman in Singapore for Trump -Kim Jung Un Diplomatic talks


Dennis Rodman in Singapore for Trump -Kim Jung Un Diplomatic talks

by Dwight Fraser

NBA great Dennis Rodman flew to Singapore for the historic meeting between United States president Donald trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong-un.

Former San Antonio Spurs and Chicago Bulls star Rodman has struck up an unlikely friendship with Kim having first attended the country in 2013, and has in the past spoken of how he helped to bring the two countries together amid tense diplomatic relations.

Trump and Kim Jong-un made history by becoming the first sitting us president and North Korean leader to meet, with the two shaking hands at a hotel in Singapore before signing an unspecified document.

Last week, trump stated that Rodman had not been invited to the summit, in which discussions were held to defuse tensions and work towards nuclear disarmament, while white house officials also said the five-time nba champion would not have an official role.

Upon arriving in Singapore, Rodman told reporters: “trump could have said something different [in the past, Kim could have said something different.

News Credit: IrieFM | Read here

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