Cops implicated in controversial St Catherine shooting charged


Cops implicated in controversial St Catherine shooting charged

by Patrice Walters

Several charges have been laid against the two police officers implicated in the controversial Chedwin Park shooting in St. Catherine, nearly three weeks ago.

There were conflicting accounts from those involved in the incident, which saw one man being killed at an entertainment event.

This led to a high speed chase and gun-fight which resulted in the deaths of a motorist, and a police officer.

Corporals Kirk Frazer and Rhamone Scott, have been charged with the murder of Sheldon Daley, shooting with intent of two police officers, illegal possession of two firearms, illegal possession of their respective ammunition, and the offence of manslaughter of Kevron Burrell arising from the motor vehicle collision at Brunswick Avenue/ Job Lane.

Corporal Scott is further charged with illegal possession of another firearm, and illegal possession of ammunition for that firearm.

The Independent Commission of Investigations (Indecom) says, the officers were charged today (May 17), following investigations and a ruling by the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions.

Both officers are expected to appear before the circuit court division of the Supreme Court next Monday, May 20.


News Credit: IrieFM | Read here

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