Constabulary Contradicts INDECOM Statement about ‘Wanted Man’ Killed in St Mary

Constabulary Contradicts INDECOM Statement about ‘Wanted Man’ Killed in St Mary


Head of the Area Two police, Assistant Commissioner Norman Heywood, says the victim of a fatal police shooting in St. Mary on Wednesday was not a wanted man.

This is contrary to a statement from the Independent Commission of Investigations, INDECOM, where the Commission alleges that the police reported the man as wanted.

The deceased is David McLean who was shot and killed by police in Boscobel, St. Mary. Residents blocked the main road in protest against his killing bringing activity in much of the parish to a standstill.

According to INDECOM, the police say at approximately 12:25 yesterday morning a team of four officers received information on the whereabouts of a wanted man.

Upon arrival, the alleged wanted man reportedly pointed his weapon at the police. The police reportedly told him to drop his weapon but he ignored their directive. The officers reportedly fired at the man killing him.

A pistol was reportedly seized. But ACP Heywood says the police had no information or intelligence suggesting McLean was a wanted man. He’s disputing INDECOM’s statement.

ACP Heywood says the police were called to a shop after being alerted that a person was there with a gun.

The police Area Two covers the parishes of St. Ann, St. Mary and Portland.

Meanwhile, INDECOM is walking back their statement that the man killed in St. Mary was wanted.

Deputy Commissioner of INDECOM, Hamish Campbell, says their initial statement about the man being wanted was wrong.


News Credit: Nation Wide Radio | Read here

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