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CDA Addressing Bullying in Schools


CDA Addressing Bullying in Schools

by Sheree Haye

The Child Development Agency, CDA, says it has initiated discussions with several stakeholders in the sector, to develop a system to deal with the issue of bullying in schools.
Following a report released by the CDA in August of this year titled, ‘Investigating the prevalence and impact of peer abuse or bullying’, the agency says, it has assembled a working group to design a system to reduce the incidents of bullying, and peer abuse among the nation’s youth.
At a consultation yesterday, Manager of Research and Development at the CDA, Randell Bailey, who gave an overview of the report, said the aim of the study is to decrease the incidents of bullying.
Mr. Bailey explained that while bullying is not new, it is a growing and a serious issue that needs to be looked at.
The study investigated the prevalence and impact of bullying on the development of children.
It also identified and assessed the variables that contribute to bullying and developed profiles of the bully and victim.

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