Authorities investigate reports of illegal dumping in Portland


Authorities investigate reports of illegal dumping in Portland

by Patrice Walters

The Portland Health Department, has launched a probe into reports of illegal dumping in some remote areas, near the resort community of San San.

It’s reported that a truck picked-up the garbage in and around the community, and dumped the waste in bushes, near some abandoned roadways.

According to a senior official at the health department, a report was made last week about garbage being dumped in some areas in the community.

Meanwhile, when asked about the matter, Mayor of Port Antonio Wayne McKenzie says he was unaware of the illegal dumping.

He says he is against any illegal action, especially as it relates to improper disposal of garbage.

Mayor McKenzie says that an investigation should be launched, and those in breach of the law should be punished.

And, the National Solid Waste Management Authority says illegal dumping is a breach of Section 45-A of the NSWMA Act, that relates to disposing of waste in a manner not approved by the authority.

The offence carries a maximum fine of $ 1m or 9 months in prison, or both.

The NSWMA says it will be launching a probe into the matter to determine who is carrying out the illegal activity.


News Credit: IrieFM | Read here

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