Festive Holidays Celebrated in Jamaica


Jamaica is known to celebrate holidays in a festive and grand manner during the Junkanoo when big parades, costumed merrymakers, vigorous parties and great feasts are always expected. Yet aside from this Christmas holiday, Jamaica has more holidays to offer you. Here are the major holidays in Jamaica that you can look forward to when having a vacation in the island.

New Year’s Day

Jamaicans greet the first day of the year with so much pomp and festivity. People in the island partake in parties and balls as they welcome the following year with the spirit of togetherness and cheer. Also, this holiday is never complete with fireworks displays and New Year countdown parties and shows. Jamaicans are in fact known to celebrate this day with a blast, so if you are in the island, you will surely have it the same.

Accompong Maroon Festival

Maroons are the recent generations of the escaped slaves of Jamaica. Every January 6th, these Maroons commemorate their leader Cudjoe for triumphing over the British during the 1700s. The beatings of maroon drums, blowing of Abeng and marching traditionally to the Kindah tree are just a few of the things to expect during this festival. Traditional singing, dancing, ceremonies and feasts are also enjoyed by both natives and visitors throughout the festival.

Carnival Months

Though February is not marked as a legal holiday in Jamaica, this month is a time when people throughout the Caribbean region consider it as a Carnival month. Gatherings of people, calypso competitions, all-night dancing and numerous fashion shows are held during the month.

In April, starting Easter Day, a similar but a more grand celebration is practiced by Jamaicans. This is Jamaica’s very own Carnival Month – a time when splendid things happen even in the streets of the island.

Emancipation Day and Independence Day

Emancipation Day is celebrated in Jamaica every first day of August, while the Independence Day is observed during the 6th day of August. Both these holidays are the best times of August in Jamaica. During these holidays, Jamaica hosts varieties of competitions in the culinary arts. People who visit the island during these times privy great beach parties that feature Jamaican culture such as calypso, reggae and soca music.

Christmas Day

Of all the holidays in Jamaica, Christmas is the most renowned and anticipated holiday. Even earlier than December, Jamaican residents festoon their homes with their newest tablecloths and curtains, and colorful Christmas decors. Shops, restaurants and even public places are also ornamented with various holiday banners and decorations that fill Jamaica’s atmosphere with the spirit of Christmas. Parties, reunions or gatherings, parades, cultural shows, Junkanoo and street dancing and other merrymaking activities happen during the Christmas season. Exchanging presents and big feasts are as well expected during Christmas day.

These are just a few of the interesting holidays in Jamaica. There still a number of them that you can discover as you sail or fly to this secluded Caribbean island. Better yet, one thing is sure – you will definitely have a great time in Jamaica whatever the holiday is.

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Jamaican Foods

Ackee and Codfish

The fleshly, yellow part of the seed pod from the ackee fruit is cooked with cod fish.This is Jamaica’s national dish . When cooked,ackee looks like scrambled eggs. Many people of the other Caribbean islands do not eat ackee .Many Jamaicans are unique and strong in spirit because they do. There is one particular Caribbean island that the people would not eat this fruit, because it is alleged that they use it for the working of witchcraft. They fear Jamaicans because they eat the ackee.This dish is usually served with roasted breadfruit, boiled bananas or fried dumplings in Jamaica


This is a plant which is said to be a cousin of collard green and spinach. It is used as a green hot cooked vegetables and is a good accompaniment for pickled mackerel, and cod fish. This dish is usually served with boiled green bananas.It may be used in soups .Of late vegetarian blend and use it as a drink.

Escoveitch Fish.

This is a dished of freshly fish fried with a sauce of vinegar, sliced onions and hot peppers pour over the fish.

Jerk Pork or Chicken

This is a Jamaican dish that originated at Boston Beach near Port Antonio Jamaica. The meat is seasoned with peppers , other Jamaicans spices,pimento leaves and then cooked slowly over an open fire of pimento wood.In olden times is was cooked in a hole dug into the ground.

Pepper pot soup

This is a soup similar to spinach soup, Callaloo replaces the spinach. A spicy soup with lots of ground provision. When cooked in a broth of salt beef it makes it more enjoyable. It is seasoned to the taste of the chef .Real Jamaicans like it seasoned with scotch bonnet peppers.

Jamaican Pumpkin soupThis is a thick creamy soup that is made from the local pumpkin. The taste is just great. Many Jamaicans must have their pumpkin soup Friday or Saturday evenings.

Red Peas soup

This is another of Jamaica popular soup. It is made from red beans and is usually cooked in broth of pig’s tail or corned beef. It is spicy and is sold plentifully on the street side


a dumpling usually cylindrical in shape with a base ingredient of cornmeal. Sugar, flour, spices milk or water, are added then fried until golden brown. Served as an accompaniment for jerk meats and fried fish.

Coconut Rundung

Is a dish made from coconut milk boiled to a custard ,with mackerel, codfish ,or vegetables added. along with seasoning.

Roasted yam

This is a dish in which special yams are roasted such as the yellow yam, white yam other wise call Negro or Lucea yam . This is served with roasted cod fish or rundung or ackee and codfish.

Peanut Porridge

This is one of the most recent food craze in Jamaica.Peanut porridge is boiled on the street side and many individuals do not feel their day complete without this meal. It is said to be a good energy food and last for hours .

Curried Goat

This is one of Jamaica’s traditional dishes and is eaten at any time there is a gathering or function. A funeral,wake,dance or a wedding would all seem incomplete without this dish. It is usually served with plain white rice but more recently Jamaicans have added rice and peas as another accompaniment. Traditional its accompaniment included raisins, and shredded coconut.