The Paradise Island – Jamaica


It is so wonderful, relaxing, and quite a sight

The mountains are beautiful and alright

Green and plush-man, you just hush!

The rain forest can’t compare or even touch

Coconut and banana trees are nicely flourishing

They taste so good-oh so nourishing!

The water is pretty and so blue-thank you!

Anyone looking can see right through

Fancy lobsters on the bottom just crawling

Oysters holding on to mossy green rocks

Shrimps jumping up around the docks

Ah! The Caribbean Sea; just where you want to be!

The air is fresh, pure, and clean

One don’t even need a breathing machine

Fill your lungs with it in the morning

Look at her and whisper-“Oh my darling”

A nice cup of hot and delicious cocoa

Certainly will get you on the go

Have a nature walk in the mountains

Stopping by pretty waterfalls and fountains

Jump right in and take a dip pass your hips

This is the life to enjoy; you don’t want to miss

Fresh and tasty land crabs on the shores

Cook some, lick your fingers-have some more!

Refreshingly pure and nice coconut water

The type that’s good for the daughter

Luscious papaya slices with nutmeg, takes away the blues

Delicious sugar cane juice in a glass-there is no excuse!

Jamaica the land of paradise; get ready and take a cruise

Leave your shoes, hang loose-be refreshed and feel anew!

Listen to the birds with magnificent colors

Chirping, dancing, singing, making music every hour

Sweet steel band calypso beat moving your dancing feet

The essence of Reggae with the Bob Marley touch

Calming the spirit and cooling down the rush

This is so nice-it’s like getting the magic touch!

Glen Mills: “This is the hardest of the titles Bolt has ever won,”

Glen Mills described Sunday’s victory at the XV IAAF World Championships in the Bird Nest Stadium as the “hardest” Usain Bolt ever worked for a title.

Bolt, who went into the Championships with sub-par performances, lived up to his championship building and dismissed all comers.

He chat and beat American Justin Gatlin, the fastest man in the last two years, on the line 9.79 to 9.80 seconds.

Child Support Payment Sample Letter

Any child support problems that may come about can be taken care of in court by submitting a letter of consideration to the judge. The following are some of the child support payment sample letters that any parent can make. A mother write a letter asking help of what she will do because she cannot afford anymore to pay child support on time. Another one is that her ex-spouse is being late with the child support, the check bounces or sometimes she is only given half of the amount agreed upon, she is asking if she can withhold the visitation.

Regarding the first child support payment sample letter of a mother that cannot pay the child support on time she also explained her reasons that she also has three children that are being supported and one in college, she cannot think of where to find money to support the child, she is disabled and no income at all but the court ordered the maximum payments and did not consider her other children. She is not intending to neglect her child support but the problems occur. In this manner the court advises her to settle changed circumstances to be considered in modifying her child support. She must notify the court of her problems in supporting her family and if she submits a changed circumstance request that is the only time wherein the court can decide about her letter.

The second payment sample letter is from a custodial parent who is having a problem receiving child support from her ex spouse; it is always late and lacking. She is asking if she can withhold visitation of her child. The court says that she cannot withhold visitation because child support and visitation are two separate legal issues. The courts do not like it when one party takes the law in his or her own hands to alleviate problems in child support. The court can charge the offending party, the one withholding visitation with penalties and if your ex-spouse decides to sue for custody, the action of withholding can be held against him or her. He or she can deal directly with each other to solve the problem, he or she must find out the problem that becomes the root of the delayed support. If after dealing with each other and no solutions are found then he or she can go to court and ask the court for support obligations. The court can order wage garnishment wherein the employer will be the one to deduct the child support from the paycheck.

The given child support payment sample letters can give some solution to those concerned who also have the same problem and are ashamed to open up. Wage garnishment is not so much used as a solution unless both parties decide to do so. The most important thing here is the withholding of visitation is not allowed. To avoid problems that will lead to a court hearing and you may be the one to pay for attorney’s fee and other expenses with the court case. Some judges include COLA in their orders when setting child support. Because of this there is no need for modification requests based solely on cost of living increases.