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Jermaine Barnaby
Jermaine Barnaby/Photographer Lloyd Chung (centre) celebrates while being congratulated by fans following DI COBRE'S win, with jockey Dane Dawkins in the saddle, in the Norman Manley Memorial Cup race at Caymanas Park on Heroes' Day, Monday October 19, at Caymanas Park.

Naggo Head Primary gets $200,000 Sport boost

Portmore-based Naggo Head Primary, the reigning Institute of Sports (INSPORTS) Primary Schools Athletics champions, received a boost with the injection $200,000 by Arnaldo Brown, Member of Parliament for East Central St Catherine.

?Naggo Head Primary School?s Family would like to inform the public that the Honourable Arnaldo Brown has contributed the sum of $200,000 to our sports programme. We especially are grateful for the $150,000 received on October 21. This was the balance of the above sum of $50,000, which was received prior to the beginning of this academic year,? outlined Acting Principal of the institution, Lascelles Burnett.

He added: ?We are looking towards his continued interest and support in our school and hope similar consideration will be forthcoming.?

Baseball explosion in Edgewater

Scores of children were exposed to the various skills in baseball at the Edgewater playing field in Portmore last Saturday. The initiative is a major project of the Jamaica Baseball Association (JBA) and is part of an all-island project called ?Baseball roll-out?.

President of the JBA, Uel Gordon, has been busy getting schools registered as affiliates of his organisation.

The main aim of the project is to spread baseball through the length and breath of Jamaica. Primary and Preparatory schools will be taught the dynamics of the game and the theme for the project is ?pitch it?, ?hit it?, ?field it?, ?catch it?.

Ken?s Wildflower wins tight battle

Ken?s Wildflower have all but qualified for the semi-finals of the South East St Catherine Constituency Domino League, which is sponsored by Member of Parliament, Colin Fagan, after a tight 250-246 battle over Waterford last Sunday.

With the win, Ken?s progressed to 28 points and second place. Waterford remained on 25 points and lie in third place, with one game remaining. The league is led by Passagefort United, which have won all 10 matches to amass 40 points.

Passagefort easily dismissed Portsmouth 250-231 in their latest match, while Garveymeade?s slim hopes of making the semi-finals got a shot in the arm as they shocked Cumberland 250-249 in a tense countdown. Garveymeade are now on 21 points in sixth place, while Cumberland remained in fifth on 22 points. Westmeade Rising Stars, who were idle, are fourth with 24 points from 10 games.

Tomorrow?s matches: Passagefort United vs Ken?s Wildflower; Portsmouth vs Waterford; Westmeade Rising Stars vs Cumberland. All games begin at 1 p.m.

Independence City Primary gets cricket equipment

Independence City Primary School were recently gifted new cricket equipment from Ephraim McLeod, coordinator of the Scotiabank Jamaica Kiddy Cricket program. The equipment was sponsored by Scotiabank.

Independence City placed second in the inaugural Portmore Cricket Association (PCA) Portmore Primary Cricket League last season.

Acting Principal of Independence City Primary, Doreen Crawford, said the equipment will go a long way in allowing students to achieve their goals. The Kiddy Cricket program was introduced in Jamaica in 2000 and is part of Scotiabank?s investment in the youth of the Caribbean. The program aims to help Primary school children to gain and maintain appreciation for cricket, the game that is deeply rooted in their West Indian Heritage.

Mullings hat-trick seals title for Constant Spring Masters

Led by three goals from the competition?s leading scorer, Orville Mullings, Constant Spring Masters defeated first-year entrants Nannyville Masters 4-1 in the Kingston & St Andrew Masters League football final at Winchester Park, St George?s College, last Sunday.

Constant Spring, coached by Carl Sewell and managed by Neville Lyn, swept all before them in an unbeaten season, having won the KO final in beating August Town 2-1 and the mid-season final.

With former Reggae Boy, Walter ?Blacker? Boyd down to play for Nannyvillle, a large crowd turned up at the venue to see the skilful player in action. And he did not disappoint by scoring in the 38th minute to cancel out Mullings? 20th minute goal, to make it 1-1 at half-time.

Boyd circled the advancing Kirk Williams (captain) in goal and tapped the ball into an empty goal, much to the delight of the Nannyville supporters.

However, he was ejected from the game in the 60th minute when he was involved in a punch up with Constant Spring?s right back, Ricardo Russell. Boyd was shown the red card by the referee, causing some commotion on the sidelines, but Russell was ejected as well on the intervention of the assistant referee.

With Boyd out, Nannyville lacked the necessary thrust from strikers Steve Green and Jahmiah Pettigrew, as they were foiled by some sturdy defence by former Reggae Boy, Durrant ?Tatty? Brown and Craig ?Warlord? White, while Mullings, Raymond ?Noonie? Smith and midfielder Robert ?Bunny? Scott took control of the offensive play.

Mullings seized the opportunity to complete his hat-trick with goals in the 62nd and 73rd minutes, while it ended 4-1 on the stroke of full time with an own goal.

Spit Fyah win again

Spit Fyah chalked up yet another victory, humbling Gregory Park-based Eradication 300-291 in the latest round of the Jamaica Domino Council Association (JDCA) League last Sunday.

In other games, Caribbean Classic, defeated Spring Village 300-285; Giants stampeded Right Stuff 300-283; Tamarind Tree whipped Soursop Tree 300-260; Naggo Head cut down Small Axe 300-272; Waterhouse United turned back Ten to Ten 300-281; Memory Lane beat Exceptional 300-291 and Feluchi downed Highlight Strikers 300-281. The competition continues tomorrow.

Galilee Gospel Hall 5K

The second annual Galilee Gospel Hall 5K will take place today in East Kingston, Jamaica. This race is put on in part for the Bower Bank Community. It starts at the Galilee Basic School, 2A Dunoon Road and will pass important markers such as Vaz Preparatory and Dunoon Park Technical High School, Camperdown High School, Bellevue Hospital, Vauxhall High School, Rae Town and onto Michael Manley Highway, which provides a great view of the Norman Manley International Airport.

Over 300 participants will take part in the event, which commences at 6:15 p.m. with a pre-race warmup and it starts exactly at 7 a.m. with race director, David Riley, coach of Excelsior High School?s track and field athletics team and national youth coach.

The Galilee Gospel Hall 5K is billed as a ?Race In The Community For The Community?.

New Minister? Same Problems

The Jamaica Umbrella Group of Churches, JUGC, says the latest developments in the health sector concerning the safety of premature babies at the island’s premier public health facilities, should prompt a discussion about abolishing the free health care policy.

The Chairman of the JUGC is the Reverend Everald Galbraith.

Reverend Galbraith says he’s not certain that a new Health Minister would be faced with different challenges in the public health sector.


4000 Rounds Found During Incursion

A Major in the Jamaica Defence Force, Marlon Kennedy, today testified at the West Kingston Commission of Enquiry that the security forces found more than four thousand rounds of ammunition in a parked car outside the office of former Tivoli Gardens strongman, Christopher Dudus Coke.

Major Kennedy and his company had specific responsibility for the operation around Coke’s office, located near the area of Tivoli known as Java.

Major Kennedy says the ammunition was stashed in several two gallon syrup bottles and a wash tub, with flour and cornmeal as a preservative.

And Major Kennedy also told the Enquiry, that a soldier who was in his company, was shot by a high powered weapon, leaving him disabled.

He was being led through his evidence in chief by attorney for the JDF, Colonel Linton Gordon.


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Nightmare Trini Couple Arrested

A 32 year-old Trinidadian man and his 21 year-old common-law wife, who was reportedly born in Jamaica, have been arrested in Trinidad and are facing cruelty charges under the Children’s Act.

This in connection with the abuse of an infant girl which was recorded on video and went viral on social media.

The suspects, who are not the child’s parents, were held yesterday afternoon in a room on the second floor of a two-storey apartment building in Vistabella, San Fernando.

The couple had reportedly packed their bags and were ready to flee the country when the police came calling yesterday evening.

The Police had reportedly tracked the mobile phone signal of the couple and narrowed down their location.

Additionally the Police had been tipped off by residents who reported seeing a man fitting the description of the abuser, entering a house in the Vistabella area.

The Police had the house under surveillance for several hours, starting yesterday morning.

They saw a man and woman fitting the description of the suspects, entering and leaving the house.

The Police waited until evening to swoop down on the premises.

There they found a man and woman matching the description of the suspects.

They were arrested and are no facing charges related to behaving in a cruel manner towards a child.

T-and-T Prime Minister, Dr. Keith Rowley praised the efforts of investigators and thanked those citizens who assisted the Police with finding the couple.

The video in which the child, who’s reportedly about two years old, was slapped repeatedly by a man as he fed her milk from a plastic bottle.

The child, who’s hair is in a bun, is wearing only diapers.

The man orders the child to open its mouth and drink the milk as he pours it into her mouth.

When the child refuses to drink, the heavyset man, uses his left hand to cuff the child in the head, causing her to fall flat on her face.

He then picks up the child by her hair and repeats his instructions.

The child refuses and is sent sprawling by another blow to the head, before being yanked to her feet by her hair.

The child cries and under clear duress, drinks the milk.

While not on camera, a woman who spoke with a Jamaican accent could be heard telling the child to drink the milk and saying “yuh look for that” when she was being slapped.

Another person appears to be in the room with the couple and the child.

The woman with the Jamaican accent can also be heard scolding the child, saying that her stubbornness is the reason why she is not intervening on this occasion.


US bobsledder to compete for Jamaica

US bobsledder to compete for Jamaica

by Wayde Brown

American Olympic bobsled driver Jazmine Fenlator has announced plans to switch allegiances and compete for Jamaica with the goal of leading the nation’s first-ever women’s team to the PyeongChang 2018 Winter Olympic Games.

Fenlator, who whose father is Jamaican, said the goal of her move is build a substantial women’s program with hopes to recruiting World and Olympic 100m champion Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce.

The 30 year old, is a seven-year veteran of Team USA and piloted the USA-3 sled at the Sochi 2014 Games.

She was granted permission to be released from USA Bobsled & Skeleton earlier this month, which she says is the first of three steps required by the International Bobsleigh and Skeleton Federation before she is permitted to compete for Jamaica.

The second is proving her Jamaican citizenship (she is currently applying for citizenship through descent) and the final step is the Jamaica Bobsleigh Federation requesting to add her.

Fenlator needed to submit her request to USABS by Oct. 1 to compete for her new nation this season and missed the cut-off by one day, but she is optimistic the international federation could make an exception and that she might be on ice representing the black, gold and green as soon as January 2016.

Jamaica last had a women’s bobsled team competing on the world cup circuit in 2001, when Portia Morgan and Jennifer Cole finished 26th in Germany.

Last season, the women’s program was revived when Kaymarie Jones and Salcia Slack entered the country’s first international race in more than a decade when they finished 13th out of 13 at a North American Cup in Park City.

Once all paperwork is in place and she is given the green light, Fenlator will be able to compete on the world cup tour for Jamaica as she has previously met the requirements for world cup drivers (five races on three tracks), which she can hold on to for two years.

“I’m prepared to not necessarily compete this year, but to build my team, accrue funding that we need for the future, get sleds, develop brakemen, maybe develop a second women’s team,” she said, adding that she will rotate between the four North American tracks for her training. “At the latter part of my career, I also want to help fuel an appropriate funnel chain so that when I retire, there are still women being represented.”

As for recruiting brakemen, Fenlator plans to tap into the Jamaican military, where many of the men’s athletes have traditionally come from, and Jamaica’s steep pool of track and field athletes. She is already eyeing one athlete in particular for her sled.

“It would be ideal if I could have Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce on brakes, the queen of the sprints,” Fenlator said of the two-time reigning Olympic champion in the 100-meter. “I think I can convince her. She’s talked about bobsled, but the Jamaicans haven’t had a team. After Rio, that would be great – or at least get her to try it.”

$243million to Improve Premie Care

Ministry of Health is reporting that it has signed contracts valued at $243-million to improve care for premature infants and high-risk pregnant women.

The funds are coming from a ‎€22-million programme to reduce maternal and child mortality, funded by the European Union.

According to JIS news, Health Minister Dr. Fenton Ferguson says a $36.5-million contract will be signed to design maternal and neonatal high dependency units at the Bustamante Hospital for Children, Spanish Town Hospital and St. Ann’s Bay Hospital.

Twenty-seven million is being provided to design similar units at Victoria Jubilee, Mandeville Regional and Cornwall Regional Hospitals.

Another $66-million is earmarked for ambulances and equipment for the neonatal unit at Mandeville Regional.

While $13-million is assigned for testing equipment at four primary care centres and two community hospitals.

Dr. Ferguson says the Ministry is making arrangements to procure equipment for ten other neonatal units, at a cost of $358-million.

The project is expected to add 45 new beds to neonatal units across the country.

It also includes rehabilitating the entire delivery area and maternal-foetal clinic at Victoria Jubilee.

The contracts are expected to be signed on November 8.

The Health Minister says doctors and nurses are being trained to offer the upgraded services, including 21 candidates to be trained over the next few years in neonatology, maternal foetal medicine, and critical care.


Cornwall Regional makes space for premature babies after six deaths

Cornwall Regional makes space for premature babies after six deaths

by Primrose Oliver

The Cornwall Regional Hospital is again expanding its capacity, to accommodate additional premature babies, in light of the death of a number of at-risk newborns at the institution.

The issue surrounding the death of premature babies at the hospital was attributed to a bacterial infection. In a release issued today, the hospital says, the move to further expand the nursery is in response to the demand for more accommodation for neonates.

In addition, the institution will be hiring more registered nurses, as well as patient care assistants, in an effort to increase the hospital’s nurse to patient ratio.

The statement says the hospital will also look at acquiring additional critical equipment for the nursery.

The hospital says measures have been put in place by medical staff, to identify and curtail the outbreak of the bacteria affecting babies.

According to the hospital, the bacteria was contained within five days after being identified.



Bigger Issues Than CCJ

Opposition Senator Marlene Malahoo Forte, says there are far more pressing needs for the country than the matter of whether the Privy Council should remain as the final appellate court.

She was speaking yesterday in the Senate during the debate on the three CCJ Bills.

Senator Malahoo Forte says a country that cannot adequately protect premature babies from deadly infections, should not be worried about where it’s final court of appeal should sit.


St Hildas’ Jade Bascoe gets back head girl post!

St Hildas’ Jade Bascoe gets back head girl post!

by Primrose Oliver

The St Hilda’s high school has reinstated Jade Basco as head girl of the institution.

The decision followed a board meeting yesterday.

A release from the school states, that the board’s investigation revealed, that a series of miscommunication and misunderstandings occurred between all parties concerned, and that there was no attempt to discriminate, harm or embarrass the student, or to bring the name of the school into disrepute.

The board stated that it is satisfied that, by Jade Bascoe’s own affirmation in the presence of her mother, she is prepared to fulfil the duties of a head girl, as prescribed in the school’s handbook.

The release added, that jade assured the board that she would be willing, and able to carry out her functions as a head girl of the school, if she were re-instated.

In a quick response, the education ministry has welcomed the decision of the school to reinstate jade.


Senate Stand-Off Leaves Malahoo-Forte Suspended

Opposition Senator, Marlene Malahoo-Forte, was suspended from the Senate this afternoon as relations between Government and Opposition Senators worsened in the upper house of Parliament.

Tensions reached fever pitch as Senate President, Floyd Morris, sent the Marshall to take Senator Malahoo-Forte from downstairs Gordon House back to her seat.

During her presentation in the CCJ debate yesterday, Senator Malahoo-Forte said she’s prepared to supply a letter to the Senate in which the Privy Council indicated a willingness to have sittings in Jamaica.

As proceeding in the Senate drew to a close today, Senator Malahoo-Forte was reportedly downstairs in the parliamentary building using the restroom.

Leader of Government Business, Senator AJ Nicholson reminded the President that the letter he and Justice Minister Golding had asked for was not supplied to them.

Senator Nicholson asked Senator Morris to note that Opposition Senator Kamina-Johnson Smith had taken up Mrs. Malahoo-Forte’s handbag and carried it downstairs to her.

Senator Morris’s instruction that the Marshall, Kevin Williams, take Senator Malahoo Forte back to the chamber drew concerns from Opposition Senator, Chris Tufton.

Senator Morris said he deemed Senator Malahoo Forte’s failure to make a timely return to the Senate, an act of contempt.

Senator Nicholson, who’s Leader of Government Business, moved a motion to suspend the Opposition Senator.

Senator Malahoo Forte entered the chamber seconds after the Government members voted in favor of the motion to suspend her and adjourn the sitting.

Opposition Senate Leader, Tom Tavares Finson’s microphone was cut as he accused the Senate President and the Government side of acting unjustly.

KD Knight was the last member of the Senate to be suspended from the upper house.

On March 26, 2010, the then Opposition Senator, was banished for two sittings, after he used the word ‘stupid’ to describe a remark made by then Senate Leader, Dorothy Lightbourne.

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