Wignall mentoring new hurdles generation


Twenty-four years ago, Maurice Wignall was one of the stars of the 24th Carifta Games in Grand Cayman. Now, the dean of Jamaican sprint hurdlers is back in Cayman as part of the coaching staff to the 2019 Carifta team. Wignall is using his experience to counsel his charges at the 48th staging of the regional junior track and field championships.

“It’s actually nice because I’m coaching the things I came here to compete at,” he said at a Jamaica team training session. “I’m comfortable with it, the kids like it, I’m facilitating. What else could I ask for?”

In 1995, Wignall was hampered by a headwind in his Under-20 110m hurdles victory but boosted by a strong tailwind when he won the long jump.

He has fond memories of 1995. In addition to his Jamaican teammates, he noted, “You have Cydonie Mothersill from Cayman, who was running at the time Debbie Ferguson, who was running at the time, so it was a big family, and those persons went on to become elite athletes like myself.” Mothersill and Ferguson, who, like Wignall, became Commonwealth champions, were both present at the games this week.

“You get a little bit nostalgic when you come to places like this after, what is it, 24 years ago or something like that,” he conceded.

He is using his Cayman experience to counsel Broadbell, Vascianna and those others under his care at Carifta.

“My advice to anybody, and them, in particular, is just to relax, enjoy the atmosphere, go out there, execute whatever has been taught and just lay it on the line, but, at the bottom line, just enjoy everything,” he said. “I didn’t want them to come here and pressure themselves. We’ve done all the work we needed to do, just go out there and execute and enjoy the little escape from Jamaica,” he said.

News Credit: The Jamaica Gleaner | Read here http://jamaica-gleaner.com/article/sports/20190423/wignall-mentoring-new-hurdles-generation

Buju raid to shake up T&T police unit

Buju Banton

The Organised Crime and Intelligence Unit (OCIU) of the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service is to be overhauled after a search of the hotel room of reggae artiste Buju Banton (real name Mark Myrie), who was in the twin-island republic for a show, left members of the police force with egg on their faces.

The Trinidad Guardian reports that Police Commissioner Gary Griffith said the decision by the OCIU to search Banton’s hotel room on Saturday could have started a feud between Kingston and Port-of-Spain.

Griffith announced the revamping of the unit in the wake of the incident, saying while he had been contemplating it before, the embarrassment of the Banton raid made it an absolute necessity.

“This situation that took place recently with the search warrant with Buju Banton, I think again, based on intelligence, what you need to do is make sure there is proper surveillance. Someone obviously dropped the ball. It could have caused a major rift between Trinidad and Tobago and Jamaica,” Griffith said.

“Strange enough, that is not the focus of the commissioner of police, but I saw it fit to meet Mr Buju Banton personally to look at the situation, and I think the situation was resolved.”

The search caused quite a stir on social media and Banton’s Instagram video about it had been viewed more than 300,000 times up to just after noon yesterday.

Griffith did not go into details about the impending OCIU changes, but promised to reveal all at a press conference on Wednesday.

His statements came hours after Banton’s room at the Hilton Trinidad was searched by several police officers on Saturday night. Shortly after the search, which turned up nothing illegal, Griffith met with Myrie and apologised for the search.

Griffith also sent out a press release after the meeting with Banton, in which he accepted the “embarrassment, anxiety and inconvenience” the search had caused to Banton and his team.


He indicated in an interview with the Guardian, that he has not yet determined whether the intelligence that the warrant was based on was accurate.

“It’s almost completed, but I am not going to reveal the details yet. By Tuesday or Wednesday, I am going to be holding a press conference to announce the details because it is not just this incident.

“I realised there have been several irregularities and ball-dropping by intelligence agencies in the police service and this here could very well be the last straw,” Griffith was quoted as saying.

Griffith declined to say how many officers would be affected by the pending changes, but said that no action would be taken against any officer involved in the Banton search before the investigation has been completed.

Trinidad and Tobago’s National Security Minister Stuart Young also issued a statement, saying that he has noted the assurances given by Griffith and that the police service will do all that it can to ensure that the remainder of Buju’s visit is peaceful and incident free.

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News Credit: The Jamaica Gleaner | Read here http://jamaica-gleaner.com/article/lead-stories/20190423/buju-raid-shake-tt-police-unit

No World Cup spot is guaranteed – Anderson

Rudolph Brown

National senior netball team head coach Marvette Anderson says none of the country’s overseas-based players are guaranteed a spot on Jamaica’s team to this year’s International Netball Federation World Cup tournament, which will be held in Liverpool, England, from July 12-21.

Anderson said the local players are highly skilled, and therefore, any of them can be selected for the trip to England.

“These local-based players are here not due to the fact that they couldn’t have been overseas, but they are here for different reasons. Persons have school and persons have other commitments,” Anderson said.

“Any one of these players could ply their trade overseas, so they are okay with matching up with what is happening on the international scene. Being overseas doesn’t guarantee you a spot on the team, but it is a plus for you, with the fact that you are playing overseas competitively with the best in the world.”

Shanice Beckford, Khadijah Williams, Nicole Dixon, Vangelee Williams and Adean Thomas are among the local players who are in the island training.

Shooters Jhaniele Fowler, Romelda Aiken and defenders Malysha Kelly, Shamera Sterling and Kadie-Ann Dehaney are the overseas Sunshine Girls players.

Anderson said the Girls have been working very hard to improve on their fitness in training.

“Our fitness is of utmost importance because that is where the game is going to be won, so that is our main focus at the moment, our fitness, as well as some tactical manoeuvre of the game,” she said. “Everybody is working on what needs to be worked on, regardless of the fact that some of us are here and some are overseas.

“It is very important when you play a game as fast as netball; your fitness levels have to be right up there.”

The Sunshine Girls, who are ranked third in the world behind Australia and New Zealand, finished fourth at the last Netball World Cup in Sydney, Australia, in 2015.

But Anderson said once the girls do the right things on the day, they should be on the podium in England.

News Credit: The Jamaica Gleaner | Read here http://jamaica-gleaner.com/article/sports/20190423/no-world-cup-spot-guaranteed-anderson

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Custos: We can’t go back to living in fear



Bishop Conrad Pitkin, the custos rotulorum for St James, is calling for immediate action to be taken to stop the growing murder tally in the parish, which he says is renewing fear among residents.

Pitkin was speaking at the 38th annual staging of the Montpelier Agricultural Show in St James yesterday against the background of St James’ latest police statistics which have recorded 48 murders between January 1 and April 20, compared to 29 over the similar period last year during the parish’s state of public emergency.

“I am deeply concerned about the rapid rise in shootings and murders in St James. Murders have almost doubled over the last few months, and something must be done immediately to stop this rise, and to cauterise and minimise it as much as possible,” said Pitkin.

“I think the citizens are returning to a place of fear and trepidation, and we cannot afford for that to happen. It’s not good for Montego Bay, it’s not good for the parish and it’s not good for Jamaica, and so we’re hoping something will be done soon,” Pitkin added. “I said at the end of the SOE, and I maintain now, that we can’t return to the former years of violent murders and killings in St James, and what we’re seeing now is a rapid increase in murders.”


Pitkin also denounced Sunday’s shooting of Constable Sheldon Murray in the Norwood in the parish.

“I’m concerned about the police constable that was attacked on Sunday, and I thank God he is alive, but this is barbaric and should not have happened, and we need to take serious note about it,” said Pitkin.

Ironically, St James’ increased murder tally to date forms part of Jamaica’s overall reduced tally of 406 killings between January 1 and the first three weeks of April, which is 41 less than was recorded in the similar period last year.

However, police statistics indicate that shootings have increased islandwide, with 413 cases being reported up to last Saturday, compared to 394 for the corresponding period last year.

News Credit: The Jamaica Gleaner | Read here http://jamaica-gleaner.com/article/lead-stories/20190423/custos-we-cant-go-back-living-fear

Hanover police investigating major gun find

Hanover police investigating major gun find

by Donique

The Hanover police seized four firearms and several rounds of ammunition yesterday (April 21, 2019).


Reports are that about 1:10 PM, a team of police carried out an operation at the Santoy cemetery on Church Hill road, Green Island.


The search yielded one Intratec sub-machine gun, one Taurus pistol, one mini Taurus pistol one Smith and Wesson pistol and seventy-six 9 mm rounds of ammunition.


Head of the Hanover police, Superintendent Sharon Beeput, said with several social events scheduled to take place throughout the parish during the holiday period, the operations were part of plans to ensure the safety and security of residents and visitors alike.


Superintendent Beeput said an intense investigation is now underway to find suspected persons in relation to the seizure.

News Credit: IrieFM | Read here http://iriefm.net/hanover-police-investigating-major-gun-find/

Jamaica’s population declined in 2018

Jamaica’s population declined in 2018

by Donique

The Statistical Institute of Jamaica (STATIN) is reporting that a steadily declining birth rate, and a negative net migration, led to a decline in Jamaica’s population last year.


Director General of STATIN, Carol Coy, says an estimate of the population in 2018 indicated a decline of almost 1,700 people.



Miss Coy notes that the country’s birth rate declined by almost 4% last year.


News Credit: IrieFM | Read here http://iriefm.net/jamaicas-population-declined-in-2018/

PM Holness announces scholarships in honour of former Prime Ministers

PM Holness announces scholarships in honour of former Prime Ministers

by Donique

Prime Minister Andrew Holness has announced that his administration will be offering several scholarships in honour of Jamaica’s former Prime Ministers.


Speaking to members of the Jamaican diaspora in Atlanta, United States on Friday (April 19, 2019), Mr. Holness said the Government is putting a lot of effort into making sure the country’s education system is aligned with government’s economic priorities.


In this regard, several scholarships will be offered in key areas necessary for economic development.



The Prime Minister noted that steps will also be taken to assist poor families, with sending their children to university.




News Credit: IrieFM | Read here http://iriefm.net/pm-holness-announces-scholarships-in-honour-of-former-prime-ministers/

Wanted men named in connection with shooting of Police Constable

Wanted men named in connection with shooting of Police Constable

by Donique Weston

The St. James police have listed two men as wanted in relation to the shooting of a police constable in St. James, yesterday (April 21, 2019).


The men are 23-year-old Brandon Stora, otherwise called ‘Cha Cha’, of Paradise Housing Scheme, in Norwood, St. James and Steve Earle, otherwise called ‘Pedro’, ‘Monster’, ‘Forehead’ and ‘Shane’, a welder of Hendon, also in Norwood, St. James.


The Police Constable, who is assigned to the Freeport police station, was shot and seriously wounded, near his home, in Hollywood, Norwood, St. James about 9:00 AM yesterday.


He was shot several times in the upper body and is in stable condition in hospital.


Citizens are being reminded that it is not only an offence to harbour criminals and provide a safe haven for them, but it also places the lives of family and friends at risk.


Brandon Stora and Steve Earle are being asked to turn themselves in to the Montego Bay police by 12:00 PM, on Tuesday, April 23.

News Credit: IrieFM | Read here http://iriefm.net/wanted-men-named-in-connection-with-shooting-of-police-constable/

Jamaica continue Carifta romp

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Collin Reid
Jamaica’s Shaquena Foote (right) speeds to victory in the Under-20 girls’ 400m hurdles at the Carifta Games in the Cayman Islands yesterday. Her teammate Johnelle Thomas (left) took the silver medal.
Collin Reid
Jamaica’s Sashell Reid (centre) and Quaycian Davis (right) storm by the Bahamas’ Reshae Dean on their way to gold and silver, respectively, in the girls’ Under-17 400m hurdles final at the Carifta Games, in the Cayman Islands on Sunday, April 21.

Jamaican athletes continued from where they left off on Saturday’s opening day of the 48th staging of the Carifta Games with good results yesterday. The nation’s 400m hurdlers led the way in the Cayman Islands with three wins out of four events, all three seeing one-two finishes for Jamaica.

The St Jago High School duo of Quaycian Davis and Sashell Reid got things rolling for Jamaica in the girls’ Under-17 event, as Davis won in 1:00.78 minutes, getting the better of Davis, second in 1:01.59 .

Petersfield High School’s outstanding athlete Shaquena Foote captured her second gold medal of the Games after taking the girls’ Under-20 400m hurdles in 58.05 seconds. Her teammate Johnelle Thomas clocked 58.77 seconds for the runner up spot, as Tamia Badal of Trinidad and Tobago finished third in 1:01.34 minutes.

Kingston College’s Jayden Brown continued his impressive season after winning in the boys’ Under-17 event in 54.03 seconds, as teammate Sharvis Simmonds made it another quinella for Jamaica after a second-place ­finish in 54.11 seconds.

Shamar Brown had to settle for bronze in the boys’ Under-20 event after finishing third in 52.51 seconds. Rasheeme Griffith of Barbados took gold after winning in 51.17 seconds, with bronze going to Matthew Thompson of the Bahamas in 52.23 seconds.

Jamaica had two successes in the 800m through Kimar Farquharson and Jodyann Mitchell.


Farquharson and Tyrice Taylor continued their keen battle this season in the two-lap Under-20 event in another close affair. Farquharson took the win in 1:49.65 minutes, just holding off his teammate in second in 1:59.73 minutes. St Vincent and the Grenadines’ Handel Roban took third in 1:52.22 minutes.

Jamaica had a quinella in the girls’ Under-17 event. Like she did at the ISSA/GraceKennedy Boys and Girls’ Athletics Championships last month, Mitchell pipped Kishay Rowe on the line for a close win in 2:11.92 to take gold, as Rowe had to settle for silver in 2:11.97.

Jamaica had to settle for a bronze medal in the girls’ Under-20 and boys’ Under-17 event. Abigail Schaffe, in 2:12.73 minutes, had to settle for third, while Adrian Nethersole was timed in 1:56.78 minutes.

After her second-place finish in the Under-20 long jump on Saturday’s opening day, Edwin Allen High School’s Lotavia Brown returned to capture the Under-20 girls’ triple jump yesterday, winning with 13.09m.

The meet will come to a close today and 24 finals are down to be contested. The morning session will start at 10, where there will be three field event finals: the men’s open pole vault, and the Triple Jump and Javelin throw for Under-20 noys.

The afternoon session will begin at 4 and will include the 4x100m and 4x400m relays in both age groups.

News Credit: The Jamaica Gleaner | Read here http://jamaica-gleaner.com/article/sports/20190422/jamaica-continue-carifta-romp

Nunes to cap Easter success with Patriarch

Kenyon Hemans
PATRIARCH (centre), with Dick Cardenas aboard, cruising to victory in the Ahwhofah Sprint at Caymanas Park on Saturday, October 20, 2018.

LEADING trainer Anthony Nunes looks set to continue his Easter dominance with the return of speedy PATRIARCH this afternoon, following his Guineas double with I AM DI ONE and SUPREME SOUL.

Nunes has a three-timer lined up on the holiday 10-race card, EARN YOUR STRIPES, three-year-old debutant SAN SIRO and speedy PATRIARCH in the Easter Sprint Cup at five and a half furlongs.

Unraced since hobbling home dead last in December’s Gladiator Trophy, PATRIARCH, in his only five-furlong gallop since resuming training, breezed 59.1 for five furlongs on Tuesday, displaying the marauding speed that won him his first two starts as a two-year-old in 2017 before finishing fifth, running on suspect legs, in the Jamaica Two-Year-Old Stakes.

He won on his three-year-old debut last October, returning off a 10-month lay-up, but was only good for another two months, making his exit in the Gladiator Trophy before being gradually eased back into training.


PATRIARCH is actually returning to overnight allowance where he had won the Ahwhofah Trophy last October, beating ZEPHYR and SOY EL SENOR at six furlongs, clocking 1:11.4. Though carrying topweight 126lb and running without lasix, the lightning-fast Casual trick-Electrifying colt is simply too fast to be caught by any of his 12 rivals.

Gary Subratie’s United States-bred HILLY’S HALO, who finished third behind stablemate KD FLYER at five furlongs straight two Saturdays ago, having previously raced in December’s Gladiator Trophy, has done next to nothing at exercise since to suggest she should get the better of a flying PATRIARCH, who should enjoy an unmolested lead with Robert Halledeen.

Meanwhile, EARN YOUR STRIPES, who ­finished fifth behind stablemates SUPREME SOUL and TOONA CILIATA in last week’s 2000 Guineas, returns for his share of Easter spoils, carrying 110lb in a restricted stakes, against non-winners-of-four, at seven and a half furlongs.

DaCosta’s shaky AMERICAN INVADER and Ian Parsard’s HARRY’S TRAIN, who three-­quarter length separated in a stretch battle two Saturdays ago, will try matching strides with EARN YOUR STRIPES, whereas Philip Feanny’s LEGALITY will be stalking, hoping the leaders crack.

However, EARN YOUR STRIPES should have the measure of the three foreigners, being super light and fitted with blinkers for the first time. He ran well in the Guineas, disputing the lead for six furlongs, run in a split of 1:10.0, and stayed on well enough to secure fifth.

Nunes’ three-year-old factory keeps spitting out model after model, the latest being SAN SIRO, sired by Northern Giant, a son of Giant’s Causeway, a Kentucky-bred, who was the 2000 European Horse of the Year.

A smallish grey colt, SAN SIRO has not looked too flashy at exercise but he is up against three-year-old maidens in April, when most of his classier peers would have already won races, leaving him to face exposed horses, the best of which seem to be Patrick Lynch’s GLITTER RIVER, who, on breeding, could be suspect at six and a half furlongs.

News Credit: The Jamaica Gleaner | Read here http://jamaica-gleaner.com/article/sports/20190422/nunes-cap-easter-success-patriarch